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147 horror

Phantom Express  (1932-  B/W)-   Dull poverty row illusion.

Thirteen Women (1932-  B/W) - Primitive melo-slasher.

Kongo (1932  - B/W)-    Strange  yet rote   jungle adventure.

The Witching Hour (1934- b/w) - Pre Code Paramount  parlour room  airiness.
See also  proto-Meet Joe  Black,  Death Takes a Holiday (1934- B/W)

The Scoundrel (1935 - B/W)- Quota quickie-like Noel  Coward supernatural drama.

The Return Of Peter Grimm (1935 - /W)  Schmaltzy Lionel Barrymore fantasy melodrama.

Peter Ibbetson (1935) - Gary  Cooper sentiment. Dreamy  but inauthentic. Not  my thing.

Phantom Ship (1935- B/W) - Early Hammer about the Mary  Celeste, basically Bela  Lugosi as  a seadog.

House of Secrets (1936  -    B/W) - Dreary  Chesterfield faux-quota  quickie.

Topper Takes A Trip (1938 - B/W)- Just a holiday for the audience.

A Christmas Carol (1938- B/W)  - Sentimental  Reginald Owen anachronosia.
See also Scrooge (1935-   B/W).

Beyond Tomorrow (1940 - B/W)- Sentimental ghosts with   C Aubrey Smith.

Chamber of Horrors (1940- B/W)  - Typical British krimi.

Spellbound (1941 - B/W) -  Dreary  Derek  Farr drawing roomer.

Beyond the Blue Horizon (1942   -  B/W)- Silly   color  jungler.

The Remarkable Andrew (1942-   B/W)-   William    Holden's presidential Rentaghost.

The Cockeyed Miracle (1946-  B/W)-  Schmaltzy Frank Morgan periodcom. Keenan Wynn looks  like Vincent Price.

Castle Sinister (1948)   -   Forgettable Brit darkhouser.

Uncle Silas (1947-  B/W)- Sub-Gainsborough  gothic.

The Perfect  Woman (1949 - B/W) -  Silly faux-fembot    comedy, though nice  support  from Miles  Malleson.

Will Any Gentleman...? (1953)   -  Strange, not terribly good  comedy   despite  an attempt to  make George  Cole  and Jon P'twee (who  is  in  two roles, one  in his earliest  form)a duo.

Alias John Preston (1955 - B/W)- Dreary Danziger's Jekyll/Hyder  with Christopher Lee.

First Spaceship on Venus (1960) - Decent.A rewatch.See also Planeta Bur (1962)and Ikarie  XB-1 (1963).

IL MIO AMICO JEKYLL  (1960- B/W)  - Basically  Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory with  added minstrels and Ugo Tognazzi.

The Road to Hong Kong (1962 - B/W)  - Idiotic  Brit-based Hope/Crosby future-nonsense.

A Dream Come True (1963) - Idealistic Soviet  space epic,  bits reused by AIP  in Queen   of Blood.  More  proof  Soviets could make good   SF.

Tomb of Torture (1963 -    B/W) - Dull.

Virgin of  Nuremberg (1963) - Colouful but empty giallo with Christopher Lee.

The Ghost (1963)-   Typical atmospheric yet lacking-in-almost-everything-else Italian  Barbara  Steele horror.

IL MOSTRO DELL' OPERA (1964  - B/W) -Incomprehensible gothic,   typical Polselli.

Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964)- Chaney Jr-starring salvage.

Shock Treatment   (1964 - B/W) - Boring post-Psycho  courtroomer, despite a gleeful Roddy McDowall.

The Hyena of London (1964- B/W) -  Faux-London period  cobblers.

Seven Days in May (1964-    B/W)-  Serling's  Strangelove for politicos.

Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964-  b/w)-   Unlikeably grim.

2 On A Guillotine (1965- B/W) - William Conrad-directed overstretched  psychothriller.

The Sweet Sound of Death (1965-  B/W) -    Sidney Pink-produced sub-Nouvelle Vague  "suggestion".

The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin (1965-   B/W) Mainly slow but somewhat  interesting    Soviet  steampunk   Mabuse.

El fantástico mundo del doctor Coppelius (1966)  - ChittyChitty Bang Bang-ish  ballet with   Walter Slezak.

Kiss the Girls and  Make Them Die (1966)- DeLaurentiis proto Moonraker  with  Mike  "BeforeMannix" Connors   as a lumbering US Bond  aided by  Dorothy Provine and Terry-Thomas as basically Lady Penelope and Parker. They even have  a  gadget-packed Rolls Royce. Raf Vallone  plays  the Nehru-jacketed Amazon-dwelling rocket baron. Basically relies on stock  footage and jungle  nonsense. And I bloody  love  Moonraker. That   is  joyous,  and this isn't.

Gappa   (1967)- Silly kaiju  reused in  Red  Dwarf.

Privilege (1967)-    Seems deliberately styled to provoke an  uprising.

The    Million  Eyes of  Sumuru  (1967)-  Shonky  Eurospy gubbins from  Towers and  Shonteff.

Good Times (1967)    -  Sub-Monkees Friedkin-directed  Sonny  and  Cher vehicle."Bullocks" jokes  ahoy. Was Sonny Bono America's  Roy Castle?

Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1967)    -   Haunted house/spy thriller/Hee Haw episode  with Merle Haggard, Kenny  Everett  fave  Ferlin Husky  and  others vs Carradine,Chaney  and Rathbone.

The  Gruesome Twosome (1967)-    Possibly  HG  Lewis' roughest.
A Taste of Blood (1967)- Lewis' attempt at mainstream,  set ina Miami-ish London.

Blood Of The Virgins (1967) - Faux-ItalianSouth   American vampire grot.

House  of Evil (1968) -Karloff plays the organ,in a kerfuffly Mexican thing supposedly  about killer toys.

A Quiet Place in the Country (1968)   - Redgrave-Nero vanity   artiness.

Balsamus, l'uomo di Satana  (1968) - From  Pupi    Avati,  about the lovechild of Herve Villechaize, Les  Dawson  and Noele  Gordon.

Psychout for Murder (1969)-  Confused  Rossano  Brazzi  giallo. Typically montagey/messy.

Thomas... gli Indemoniati (1969) - Orange-tinted Avati agitprop.

The Honeymoon Killers (1970 - B/W) - Not quite my jar,  fine performances, but it has a video   look.

Mark of the Witch (1970)-   Begins in  17th century Lanca-shire  which  is seemingly just sky, but otherwise   a dull  student jump.

Kemek (1970)-Dispiriting Quebecois giallo  with   David  Hedison.Somehow  uses Nowhere to Run by Martha  and the Vandellas.

Ice (1970) -  Dystopian AFI artiness.

Necropolis (1970) - Talky, arty nonsense with   Tina Aumont.

Human  Cobras (1971)-  Nonsensical safari giallo. Obligatory appearance from Luciano Pigozzi.

Blood Thirst (1971- B/W) - Long-delayed Filipino vampire  dreck.

I Eat Your Skin (1971-  B/W)- Unusually paced and interesting voodoo science from Del Tenney.

Black  Belly  of  the Tarantula (1971)-  Average above-average  giallo.

Death by Invitation (1971)-  Another semi-period borathon from Kirt  Films.

The Touch of Satan (1971)- Very  70s, but luckless Satanist quickie shot by Jordan  Cronenweth.

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971)- So Christian that the Soviets look and  act like  Sally Army.

Murder Mansion (1972)-       Spanish psycho gubbins released by Avco Embassy.

Al Tropico Del Cancro (1972)-  Junky  travelogue voodoo-giallo with Anthony Steffen

French Sex Murders (1972) -            Jazzmag giallo.

ToKill A Clown (1972)- Nothingy psychodrama.  An  unlikeably grim Alan  Alda  resembles Dave Thomas in  an SCTV sketch.

Stanley (1972)- Dreadful sub-Gilbert O'Sullivan-scored Willard-with-snakes  and  burlesque.
Director William  Grefe also gave us  the  forgettable/forgotten  sub-Deliverance Whiskey Mountain (1977)   and the abysmal Impulse (1974) -   William  Shatner as a whining,  serial-killing gigolo eejit.

A   Thief  In The  Night (1972) - Scored by  Cliff Richard  influence  Larry Norman,  supposedly worldwide peril reduced    to scary ambulances, made in an  Iowa  funfair.

Man of La  Mancha (1972)- Peter O'Toole looks like  he is  made  of papier mache.Sophia can't sing.  Blessed is  sexy.

Piranha Piranha (1972)- Boring   Amazon adventure with William Smith.

Stigma (1972) - Attractive but dreary Cambridge, Mass-shot thriller with  Philip Michael Thomas.

Daigoro vs Goliath  (1972)- Silly kiddy Toho kaiju  that manages to  be daft not stupid.

Death Walks At Midnight (1972)-  Typical giallo.

Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf (1972) - Typically goofy   Paul  Naschy.
See  also  the dreadful Vengeance of the Zombies (1973)

Spirit of the Beehive (1973)- Undeniably  beautiful piece of work.

You'll Like My Mother (1973)   -  Snowy, bland, messy Patty Duke-miscast Richard Thomas vehicle.

Maxie (1973)  - Boring/arty Scots-themed butchery with  Talia Shire.

Warlock  Moon (1973)- Zzzzz. Satanic college student codswallop.

The House That Cried Murder (1973)- Clemensy Bridal  nonsense with Arthur Roberts, spokesman for Skoal Bandits -  the  tobacco scampi fry.

The Severed Arm (1973) - Mining  in   darkness.

Night Watch (1973)-  Clemensesque   boredom, Liz Taylor, Lar Harvey, and Tony Britton.

The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe (1974)- Was this shot   on  video?

La noche de los asesinos (1974) -    Jess  Franco's Cat  and Canary. Says it  all.

Down and Dirty  Duck (1974)-Because it's Murakami,  the animation's not bad.

 L'Esorciccio (1975) -Asinine  Italian comedy.

Foreplay (1975) -   John G Avildsen-codirected compendium of smut,  with Zero   Mostel, Thayer  David, Jerry Orbach, Estelle  Parsons and Prof. Irwin  Corey, and a dirndl-clad sex-bot/doll.

Sunburst (1975)-  Dreary woodlands hippie slashie, padded out  by    a lecture from Rudy Vallee.

Get Mean (1975)- A spaghetti western that wants  to be directed by Ken Russell.

Poor Pretty Eddie (1975) - Grotty  Leslie  Uggams rape-revenger.

Blood Voyage (1976) - Dreary boat-killer.  Has lots of   parking  cars to   pad it  out.

Dark August (1976) - Dreary  Vermont  psychothriller.

Albino  (1976)-   Christopher Lee, James  Faulkner, Sybil Danning and  a  drunk Trevor Howard wander about Africa,  chasing Horst Frank   as an African tribesman. Odd.

Naked Massacre (1976)- Troubles-set slasher, partly filmed in Belfast, but mostly in Dublin.  Sleazy, depressing, but with  ads for   Bass and fake BBC  bulletins.

Massacre   at  Central High  (1976)-  A    teen comedy   without the comedy, but with  suspicious deaths, i.e.hang-gliding into     a pylon. Ridiculous themetune. But oddly powerful.

Ransom (1977) - Roger McGuinn-soundtracked westernish  Corman  oddity with  Oliver Reed.  WHAT  IS ZIS? No wonder Corman couldn't sell it.

Gran Bollito (1977)  -  A   mainly ordinary  true crime drama  with Shelley Winters,except  her female victims  are all  played  by  men.  Max  von   Sydow   is in a double role, one as  a  blonde   Italian spinster, and  it's  disconcerting. A DISCOVERY.

Martin  (1977)-  Romero's  a hack, this is rough but aside from Creepshow, it might  be his best, if only  for Pittsburgh being a character.

Welcome to Blood City (1977) - Dull  Anglo-Canadian  VR  Westworld   with Jack Palance.

Equus (1977) - Fine  Burton  hamming,  but reprehensible and slightly Blue Remembered  Hills.  Plus it is clearly  shot in Toronto. You can even hear the  odd Canuck twang.

Holocaust   2000  (1977)-   Never  quite gets   where it  needs to be.

The Alpha Incident (1978) - Zzzz.

Joyride (1977)- Actually a sickly faux-Canadian AIP  teen  dramedy.

Till Death (1978)- Boring if oddly atmospheric.

Death Drug (1978)  -   Philip   Michael Thomas in  a  feature-long PSA/PIF.

War of the Wizards (1978)- Tacky Asian fantasy with a topknotted Richard Kiel.

The Dark Ride (1978) Harv off Cagney and  Lacey is a serial killer  in   a visceral  butTVM-like dirge.

ORG (1979) -  1968-shot  devolution in meaningless  psychedelia somehow connecting young  Terence    Hill and kiss-me-quick hats.

Sensitivita (1979)- Awful Last House clone from  Castellari.

Natural Enemies (1979)-  Hal  Holbrook plays a "good man"  who kills  his family. TVM-like,  but   you believe Hal.

City On Fire  (1979) - Bland  all-star disaster. Leslie Nielsen  in serious mode.

Human Experiments (1979)-  Prisoner Cell Block H -  as a video nasty.

GALAXY EXPRESS 999 (1979)-         Beautiful   piece of  work, despite not being an anime fan. This at least has nicely paced   animation.  The sequel, Adieu Galaxy Express 999 (1981) is probably  deliberately  depressing.  DISCOVERY.

Vengeance is Mine (1979)- Nasty, overlong Nikkatsu  serial  killer  yarn.

Io zombo tu zombi lei Zomba (1979) -Godawful sex-zom-com  with Duilio del Prete,the Frederick   Stafford to Bogdanovich's Hitchcock, and  an Italian Bob  Carolgees.

Hot Stuff (1979)- DomDeluise and Jerry Reed  in  a Miami-shot sub-Spencer  and Hill comedy.

Double Negative (1980) - Deathly  dull  Canuck  erotic thriller that has serious cameos by the SCTV  team,  wasting John    Candy,Eugene  Levy,  Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas and  "Katherine O'Hara" (sic).

The Private  Eyes (1980)  - Decent for  what  it is.  Don Knotts and  Tim Conway are fun,  but "England" IS North Carolina. Heavily ok.rued.

Enter The Game Of Death  (1980)-   Anachronistic Bond   soundtrack-bootlegging WW2  Bruceploitation  nonsense, with  a  geeky David Hartman-alike in braces  as the    baddie.

Resurrection (1980)-   Ellen Burstyn tear-puller.

Roar (1981)- Astonishing though impossible to  follow.  Basically the only  mondo  film to  be promoted on  Blue Peter.

Venom (1981)-   Celebrity nutters vs snakes! Actually quite beige.

The Eyes of Amaryllis (1982)- Bergmanesque kiddie spookiness  aimed  at the Disney/Wonderworks set.

Still  of  the Night (1982)  - Bland faux-De Palma.

Eating Raoul (1982) - Oddly   pedestrian Paul  Bartel  effort. Gawd Robert Beltran's a  shocking  actor. Probably rejected from the Ricardo Montalban School of Fine Acting.

Tempest (1982) -  Cassavetes  and  a  pervily  leered   over  Molly Ringwald  in  a  modern Greek-set  Shakespeare.

The Keep (1983)- Overstylised nonsense.

I Was A Teenage TV Terrorist! (1985) - Amateur  Troma muck.

When Nature Calls (1985) - Troma  parodic nonsense,  oh  so  unwatchable. David   Straithairn as  an Indian.

SPACE RAGE (1985) -  Beige post-apocalyptica.

Baby Secret of the Lost Legend (1986)- Some of the worst dinosaurs ever.

The Cosmic Eye (1986) -Nice style,  but the  animation styles don't mesh.

Love  at  Stake  (1987) -  Dire Puritan teen comedy.

Veld (1987)-   Grim Soviet Bradbury adap.

High  Crusade (1993) - Deadful  German Python  knockoff.

Killer Condom   (1996)- German-language New  York set grossout  grunge   based on the Teutonic equivalent of  Viz.

Man of the Century  (1999-   B/W) - Quirky  but self-liking  story of a 90s guy who wants to be in  the 20s.

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  1. Hooray for the Moonraker love!

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