Tuesday 25 June 2013

Me and Where I Have Been

I have been back, because I have finally left school, graduated with my A-LEVELS/Leaving Cert. In the past year since I have been absent, a lot has happened. There's been the British Rubbish-changing Operation Yewtree, the stuff about Savile, Hall, Harris and other once-major luminaries in the sphere of British Rubbish that has rendered them unspeakable taboo. Matt Smith has left Doctor Who, and more revelations about JN-T have come out, about his habit of luring young Dr. Who fanboys, all in their late teens into bed, creating a sort of Homosexual Swingers Aside to the Dr. Who Appreciation Society. Richard Matheson, RIP, Richard Griffiths RIP.

Now, I am planning to either get rid of this blog, because I am too busy. Like my predecessor Matthew Coniam, I am going to be very sporadic.

Have a good summer.