Wednesday 3 March 2021


 A Shot at Glory (2000), A Special Day (1977), Communion (1989), Mutant on the Bounty (1989), Mission to Venice (1964), The Strangeness (1985),  Omicron (1963), Robot Jox (1990), Star Crystal (1986), La Ciel sur la lete (1965), You are a Widow, Sir (1971), Silver Dust (1953), Deep River Savages (1972), Prison (1988), Hector the Mighty (1971), REvenge of Ivanhoe (1965), Our Man in Jamaica (1965), Twister's Revenge (1987), The Naked Witch (1964), Jerry Cotton - Dynamite in Green Silk (1968), Alerta - Alta Tension (1967), Candidate for  a Killing (1969), Supercolpo da 7 miliardi (1967), Wonderful Land of Oz (1970), Puss 'n' Boots (1971), Queen of the Seas (1961), Blood Sword of the 99th Virgin (1959), the Man from Orgy (1970), A Life at Stake (1956), Formula for Murder (1985), Secret of the Sphinx (1964), the Doll (1962), Charlie Chan's Secret (1936), the Trap (1946), the Golden Eye (1948) and Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1936), Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938), Charlie Chan in Reno (1939) and Charlie Chan at the Racetrack (1936) Bloodtracks (1985), Life in Emergency Ward 10 (1959), Memphis Belle (1990), Sexy Susan Sins Again (1968), Four Crazy Draftees in the Army (1974), Santo vs Blue Demon in Atlantis (1969), This, that and the other (1970), A pair of Briefs (1962), Wetbacks (1956), Sandra (1965), Robin Hood and the Pirates (1960), Secret Agent 777 (1965), Cool It Carol (1970). No my Darling Daughter (1962), Father Dear Father (1973), My Crazy Head (1971), A man to Kill (1967), Kill Agent Gordon (1966)/Superseven Calling Cairo (1965)/Operation Poker (1965), Man on the Spying Trapeze (1966), Carré de dames pour un as (1966), Black Box Affair (1966), Circle of Intrigue (1956), A Man to be Killed (1967), L'Honorable Stanislas  (1963), Cinq Gars pour Singapour (1967), Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin (1965), Super Spook (1975), Blood on the Stars (197?), Sunny (1941), Starcrash II (1981), the Wild Ride (1960), Deadwood '76 (1965), Munchies (1987), Gunmen (1994), Man is not A Bird (1965), The Happy Family (1952), Battle of El Alamein (1969), Soul Hustler (1973), Bloody Moon (1981), Virgin Witch (1972), Young Man with a Horn (1950), High and Low (1963), Woman in the Dunes (1966), Lady in Danger (1934), Top of the Food Chain (1999), Runaway Nightmare (1982), the Tin Girl (1970), Naked Evil (1966), Murder without crime (1950),  Brief Ecstasy (1937), I Complessi (1965), Double Cross (1941)

Cross Country (1983) - Bland Canuck thriller.

Mongrel (1982) - Aldo Ray, Miller lite and a killer dog...

Doorman (1986) - Forgettable if well-made semi-slasher with Bradley Whitford.

Dead Bang (1989)

Midnight (1989) - Lynn Redgrave as Elvira versus Tony Curtis. Like The Mummy Lives, not a comedy.

The Private War of Sgt. O'Farrell (1968) - Rotuine Bob Hope comedy. 

Kilink in Istanbul (1967) - Bond and Dracula soundtracks appear in this luantic Turkish item. 

Sudden Death (1985) - Routine female rape/revenge. 

Strike Commando 2 (1989) - The fact that Richard Harris in this horrid ninja/Raiders/Rambo knockoff is so staggering that I thought at points it were  a lookalike, but then he opened his mouth, and when a strange culchie/Yank twang came out in that unmistakeable voice, no, it is him. 

Passport to Shame (1959) - Rote Brit noir with Diana Dors and Eddie Constantine.

Mad at the World (1955)  - Surprisingly rote JD-er 

The Frightened Lady (1940) - Rote Edgar Wallace.

The Edge of the World (1937) - A very Scottish picture.

MIdnight Limited (1940) - Rote Monogrammer. 

The World Ten Times Over (1963) - Decent turns by Sylvia Syms and Billy Hartnell. 

Living Legend (1980) - Earl Owensby plays the legendary king of rock and roll, Eli.

That's right, Eli.

This not-Elvis however sings with the voice of actual Roy Orbison (whose career was in the gutter -hence his appearances in the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club).

The songs are ear-scrapingly terrible, despite that voice.

Owensby has no charisma or presence, and you don't buy that he is this huge rock star. Dean Stockwell was a better lipsyncer to Orbison. Plus Orbison's voice is so inimitable that it just doesn't fit Owensby's lips. You may as well have just cast Orbison.

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