Friday 23 October 2020


OSSESSIONE (1943) - What is this film's tone?

The Church Mouse (1934) - Teddington try for the big time.  Also watched forgetttable Pat O'Brien vehicle the Great O'Malley (1935)

Tarzan Escapes (1938) - From racists into racism.

Anna  Karenina (1948) - the old story.

Lilli Marlene (1950)/The Wedding of Lilli Marlene (1953) - this was a franchise?

To Dorothy A Son (1954) - Peter Rogers production. In a parallel universe, Shelley Winters did the Carry Ons.

Seagulls over Sorrento (1954) - Rote naval comedy.

The Brain Machine (1955)/Escapement (1958)  - Rote Brit noir with SF elements. 

The Law (1958) - Routine Gina Lollobrigida drama. 

Broth of a Boy (1959) - A comedy about British TV in Ireland, with Barry Fitzgerald as Oireland's oldest Oirishman. 

Wake Me When it's Over (1960) - Ernie Kovacs, Dick Shawn, Jack Warden and Don Knotts in an aptly named 2 hour bore. 

Le Gentleman D'Epsom (1961) - Racing comedy with Gabin and De Funes. 

See also Le cave se rebiffe (1961) and Any Number can Win (1962).

The Day and the Hour (1963), On Friday at Eleven (1963)- 60s Europuds galore.

Cleoportes (1965)  - Lino Ventura and Charles Aznavour - together at last

The Wild  Bunch (1969) - Back when men in their fifties looked twenty years older. Except Borgnine, who never looked more fresh-faced.  See also Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)

Run Wild, Run Free (1969) - The other Mark Lester horse movie, but like Black Beauty, feels Irish.

Believe in Me (1971) - Love Story with drugs, again.

Angel's Leap (1971) - Sterling Hayden and Gordon Mitchell versus Tintin-reading Asian assassins. What's not to love?

The Jerusalem File (1972) - finally found this actioner, mildly diverting and with Nicol Williamson, Donald Pleasence, Bruce Davison and Ian Hendry and a Troy Kennedy Martin script, but lazily directed and with a tragic ending that semi-fridges Daria Halprin. 

The Ragman's Daughter (1972)  - Fox tried to make a pre-The Bill Simon Rouse a movie star, alongside Victoria Tennant. A glossier take on Ken Loach from Harold Becker.

The Abdication (1974) - Religious epic with LIv Ullmann and Peter Finch. 

Take a Hard Ride (1975) - Despite the black leads, Margheriti and shooting in Tenerife, surprisingly  trad western. Apart from Catherine Spaak, Ronald Howard and Ricardo Palacios, a mainly American cast and Hal Needham does the stunts.  The Goldsmith soundtrack is way too good. See also Boss ****** (1975).

Boulevard Nights (1979) - Forgotten Chicano gang pic.

The Tin Drum (1979) - It's certainly an interesting film. Seeing Charles Aznavour was a bit of a shock.  See also The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1977).

Also watched various New World pictures, Christiane F (1982), Moonshine County Express (1977), The Hot Box (1972), The Woman Hunt (1972), Sweet Kill (1973), Cover Girl Models (1975), My American Uncle (1979), Paradise (1982), Women in Cages (1982)

Rich and Famous (1981) - Transatlantic tripe with an oddly uncredited Michael Brandon and Marsha Hunt (the African-American Hammer actress/former Jagger lover not the white blacklistee), Ray Bradbury, Paul Morrissey and Nina Foch as themselves. 

A Breed Apart (1984) - Ropey eco-vigilante saga. 

Mr. Scarface (1976) - Rote Eurocrime.

Ice Castles (1979) - Surprisingly not a tax shelter film. 

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980) - Is that the Four Tops' theme from Shaft in Africa used in the party scene?

The Hot Touch (1981)- Features Canadian TV, so there's a plus. But very beige Canadian prestige product. Did Vadim really Direct it?

See also Tribute (1980) and the astonishing Martin's Day (1985).

Strictly Ballroom (1992) - Luhrmann is proper tacky, in't he?

Love Letters (1984), Wall of Death (1951), The Optimists (1973), Inadmissable Evidence (1968), Tony Arzenta (1973), Raw Deal (1948), Le Vice et la Vertu (1963), Youngblood Hawke (1964), Rome Adventure (1962), Hold that Blonde (1945), The Great American Pastime (1957), Forbidden Cargo (1954), Crooks Anonymous (1962), Windom's Way (1957), diamond City (1949), girl in Danger (1934), the Right Stuff (1983), the Moonspinners (1964), Fist of Fury (1972), Glory (1989), the Wiz (1978), the Presidio (1988), The House on Sorority Row (1984), The Forest (1982), Girls' Nite Out (1982), Maniac (1980), Ms 45 (1981), Effects (1980), Smokey bites the Dust (1980), Oasis of the Zombies (1983), Happy Hooker goes Hollywood (1980), the final Terror (1983), New York Ripper (1982), Scalps (1983), Executioner II (1984),Exterminator 2 (1984), Kill Squad (1982), Exterminators of the year 3000 (1983), the Big Score (1982), Blood Song (1982), House of Death (1982), A Blade in the Dark (1983), Joysticks (1983) , Devilfish (1984), They Call me Bruce (1982), Unhinged (1982), the Impossible Kid (1982), Don't Answer the Phone (1980), Conquest (1983), Day of the Cobra (1980), Ninja III (1984), An Eye for an Eye (1981), Zombie Lake (1981), Toxic Zombies (1980), Night of the Demon (1980), Eaten Alive (1980), Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1980), The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (1980), Murder Obsession (1981), Boardinghouse (1982), Fairgame (1986), Absurd (1981), Ghostkeeper (1981), Farewell Uncle Tom (1981), Anthropophagus (1981), Clones of Bruce Lee (1970), Concrete Jungle (1972), Alien Dead (1980), Cannibal Apocalypse (1980), The Dorm that Dripped Blood (1980), Alien 2 (1980), Murder Rock (1984), R.o.t.o.r. (1989), Avenging Force (1986), American Ninja (1985), That championship Season (1982), Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1982), America 3000 (1987), Love Streams (1984), Runaway Train (1985), Barfly (1987), Street Smart (1987), Tough Guys don't Dance (1987), the Borrower (1991), the Berlin Affair (1985), Alien Predators (1987), April Fool's Day (1987), Opera (1987), Neon Maniacs (1986), Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973), Roseland (1972), Dillinger (1946), Girls on Probation (1938), Xanadu (1980), Insignificance (1985), The Criminal Life of Archipaldo de la Cruz (1955), Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983), Flic story (1975), Child Bride (1938)

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