Monday 28 September 2020



Over the Moon (1939) - Color Merle Oberon vehicle. 

Zaza (1939)  - Claudette Colbert semi-musical. 

The Day will Dawn (1942) - rote war film. 

Way to the stars (1945 - b/w) - Generic Brtiish warfare.

The Affairs of Susan (-1945 - b/w) - Joan Fontaine comedy.

Margie (1946 ) - Rote teen semi-musical. 

wicked city (1947) - Rote vehicles for Jean Pierre aumont and Maria Montez.

john Loves Mary (1949)/The Hasty Heart (1949) - Imagine if Ronald married Patricia Neal instead of Roald. 

Adventures of Captain Fabian (1951) - Errol Flynn slumps to Republic, with badly-done Creole maids, vincent Price and Howard Vernon.

Lorna Doone  (-1951) - England with American accents ahoy.  Already mislogged as Lorna Dorne. 

The Brothers Rico (1957) - Dreary gangsterism. 

Rhapsody (1954) - Routine Elizabeth Taylor quasi-musical weepie. 

Francis of Assisi (1961) - Routine religious biopic.

Ten Little Indians (1965)  - Well-paced little adap. 

Room at the Top (1959) - Dreary. The sequel, Life at the top (1965) at least has Jean Simmons, Honor Blackman, Michael Craig, a returning Donald Wolfit all given starring billing, but Robert Morley isn't. The bits with Wolfit feel very mad science-y. "like fish and chips wrapped in a  News of the World"

The Fox (1967)  - Striking but overlong Canadian DH Lawrence adap. 

Finian's Rainbow (1968) - What a strange film. Leprechaun Tommy Steele solves racism by turning Keenan Wynn "black". 

king Solomon's Treasure (1977) - Bizarre South African-Canadian adap from Harry Alan Towers.

house of 1000 dolls (1967) - The worst AIP Price vehicle.

See also 99 Women (1969)

Rewatched the Glory Brigade (1953), Five Came Back (1939 - b/w), Flying Tigers (1942), Five Finger Exercise (1962), Time of Indifference (1963 - b/w), the Affairs of Susan (1945), Charlie Chan in Egypt (1934), A Hatful of rain (1957), Little Big Shot (1935 - b/w),  Endangered Species (1982), Darling (1965 - hey it's about UK Tv), Modern Problems (1981), Kotch (1971), A Breath of Scandal (1961), Caddyshack (1980),Ladies' man (1931) and Boots  Malone (1952) - which I thought was about a cowboy but it's William Holden training a delinquent jockey.

Also caught up on two Gary Cooper flicks - Now and Forever (1934) and One Sunday Afternoon (1933), the former with Shirley Temple, so I watched Temple's version of Little Miss Marker (1934), and then Thanks for the Memory (1938) and my Favourite Blonde (1942) with Bob Hope.

Von Richthofen and Brown (1971) - Might be one of Corman's best. Something close to Samuel Fuller. Hell, even the Irish actors seem convincing. 

Blackjack (1979) - Not the (1979) blaxploiter but a dreary Leon Garfield adap from noted kids adventure specialist Ken Loach. 

Red Sonja (1985) - Even at the time, the effects looked dated.

The Dead (1987) - God Sean McClory is good. The idea of an Irishman writing for the Daily Express is derided. Maybe he wrote Rupert. One of the great Irish films, and it was all shot in California.  young Maria McDermotrroe shocked me, being used to her in  Killinaskully. She had Kate Mulgrew vibes.

The Sect (1991) - Herbert Lom classes this bloody Italian thing up.

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