Thursday 23 July 2020


Daughter of the Dragon (1931 - b/w) - Routine pulp with Anna May Wong as Fah Lo Suee.

Keep Your Seats Please (1936 - b/w) - Forgettable 12 chairs-inspired vehicle for George Formby, bar launching When I'm Cleaning Windows. With Alastair Sim, May Whitty, child star Binkie Stuart...

The Criminal (1960)- Routine decent prison movie with Stanley Baker and tons of Great British character actors.Plus ads for Cliff Richard.

Heavens Above! (1963) - Not-very-funny, "charming" Peter Sellers-with-a-Midlands-twang-as-a-priest clerical comedy. Brock Peters plays a Car
ibbean immigrant. Tons of British character faces pop up,  plus Ludovic Kennedy. Ends in space!

Sting of Death (1966) - Dreary if colourful William Grefe jellyfish-monster flick.

The Devil's 8 (1968) - Forgettable cheery biker-Dirty Dozen from AIP, with a Z Cars-ish theme. A rewatch.

The Emerald of Artatama (1969) - Rory Calhoun stands and walks about Egypt in this 50s-style Europen pulper.

How To Commit Marriage (1969) - Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason try to catch up with the Permissive Society, and fail miserably.

Devil Rider (1970) - Random karate inserts in this junky Floridian biker pic.

Dangerous Games (1970) - Rote Nikkatsu sukeban actioner.

Angels Die Hard (1970)/Bury Me An Angel (1972) - Routine biker saga.
See also Angels Hard as they Come (1971) - starring Scott Glenn as David Carradine.
And AIP's Hell Belles (1969) despite having the sub-Chuck Connors Jeremy Slate and British starlet Jocelyn Lane duking it out in a Brillo-filled services.

The Girls from Thunder Strip (1970) - Incompetent David L. Hewitt exploiter.

Swamp Girl (1971) - Bizarre but somewhat charming Southern exploitation item with Simone Griffeth in a hovercraft and Kenny Everett favourite Ferlin Husky.

Sweet Savior (1971) - Nice New York photography helps this sleazy post-Manson item with Troy Donahue. Thought that the soundtrack sounded particularly Nial Diamond-ish. Turns out it is by Jeff Barry, who discovered Diamond.

When Women Played Ding-Dong (1971) - Baffling Italian caveman comedy.

Asylum of Satan (1972) - Dingy Satanic madhouse nonsense from William Girdler, with horror host Charles Kissinger as  a brother and sister.

Brute Corps (1972) - Dingy, unlikeable sex-film-version-of-the-Most-Dangerous-Game-without-the-sex.

The Loners (1972) - Billy Jack knockoff with Dean Stockwell, of all people as a half-breed biker, with Scott Brady and Gloria Grahame.

The Final Comedown (1972) -Angry exploitation-with-a-purpose coproduced by Corman and the AFI, with Billy Dee Williams. The anger it seethes rates stronger than the quality.

The Devil and Leroy Bassett (1973) - Nonsensical amateurish regional modern western.

Honeybaby, Honeybaby (1974)  - Diana Sands and Calvin Lockhart star in a ropey blaxploitation actioner about a female spy and her  annoying sub-Jimmie Walker teenage cousin. Has footage of a Beirut fleapit showing Terry Bourke's Noon Sunday and spaghetti western Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid. Thomas Baptiste, one of the leading black British actors of the era plays the baddie.

The Manhandlers (1974) - Ropey sub-Andy Sidaris action.

The Treasure of Tayopa (1974) - Modern-day poverty row western trash with Gilbert Roland.

Macon County Line (1974) - Weirdly British-feeling AIP nostalgic regional exploiter with Bobbie Gentry theme.

Almost Human (1974) - Expertly-paced Italian crime film. Not quite my thing, but worth it for a scene where Tomas Milian stands outside a load of Tex Willer and Zorro comics. The Morricone score is reused from Plot, and would itself inspire the soundtrack for Exorcist 2.

Ride in a Pink Car (1974) - Sub-Billy Jack/Walking Tall Florida exploitation picture, not the sexy comedy that the title perhaps suggests, with Glenn Corbett and Morgan "Lazuuullli!" Woodward.

Savage Sisters (1975) - Routine Filipino-shot exploitation.

Dr. Minx (1975) - Junky sexploiter with Edy Williams and William Smith.

Demon Witch Child (1975) - Ropey Spanish horror that thinks a Satanic knife is a beautiful doll.

Slaughter in San Francisco (1975) -Junky Golden Harvest kung fu shot in the US, feels like the whole thing was shot without the actors being told, and that includes Chuck Norris.

Sixpack Annie (1975) - Routine Southern sex com with Stubby Kaye, one of the few people to do both British and American  sex comedies of this era.

Black Gestapo (1975) - Nasty, unlikeable blaxploitation item.

Killers on Wheels (1976) - Hong Kong Psychomania without the Zombies, but with knockoff Rubettes on the radio.

Blue Jeans and Dynamite (1976) - Dopey, slightly more serious Hill and Spencer-type action with Chris Mitchum,Claudine Auger and Aldo Sambrell.

Trackdown (1976) - Bleak modern-day Searchers with Jim Mitchum, Erik Estrada, Anne Archer, Cathy Lee Crosby and a theme by Kenny Rogers, that predates Paul Schrader's Hardcore.

Death Promise (1977) - Low-budget, energetic but threadbare urban martial arts actioner.

Hitch-Hike to Hell (1977) - Tawdry, nasty Boxoffice International pic from the Berwicks, with the domestic life of a black detective shoehorned in.

Double Nickels (1977) - Typical low-rent car-chase thrills.
See also the sleazier Joyride to Nowhere (1977).

Cherry Hill High (1977) - Bizarre Cannon sex comedy, for some reason post-synced, despite being American. Features CB truckers, sub-Emanuelle arty erotica, shark diving, bikers, aliens (a Metalunan from This Island Earth, by the looks), ghosts, and then at the end it turns into an erotic version of the Lost Islands, with the girls crewing a ship. A Discovery. I expected something like Cheerleaders' Beach Party  (1977), but that's not what I got.

Speedtrap (1977) - Shoddy car chase film with Tyne Daly, Joe Don Baker, Robert Loggia, Timothy Carey and a visible boom mic.

Exorcist III (1977) - Unofficial erotic sequel with Richard Conte as a priest fighting a demonic twink.

Abar The First Black Superman (1977) - Utterly nondescript alleged parody, but actually serious.

Blood Stalkers (1978) - Horrific regional yokel terror cheapie.  The gospel padding reminded me of Maxine Barrie in the Fiend.

Blue Collar (1978) - Schrader gives me a headache.

I Miss You Hugs and Kisses (1978) - Canadian TV-themed erotic thriller with Elke Sommer, Cec Linder and George Chuvalo. Inexplicably a video nasty.

Blood and Guts (1978) - Dreary Canadian wrestling picture with William Smith, and characters taking influence from Marvel Tarzan comics. Features regional Canadian country radio stations.

Terror on Tour (1980)- Dreary, dank, badly-photographed slasher, the ostensible gimmick about a glam rock band called the Clowns is merely padding.

Ups and Downs (1981) - This Canadian teen sex comedy feels heavily indebted to Gregory's Girl. It's like a Bill Forsyth fanfilm. Amiable, shot at a real boarding school, with the staff as themselves. Leslie Hope, of 24 fame is one of the girls.

The Head Hunter (1983) - Routine Chow Yun Fat actioner set amongst ATV Hong Kong (formerly the HK arm of Associated Rediffusion).

Lovelines (1984) - Forgettable musical teen comedy with a bunch of ageing yoots.

Devil Story (1985) - Ropey French horror with a cavalcade of monsters in a gallic Florida.

The Night Stalker (1986) - Ropey Charles Napier serial killer thriller.

Highlander (1986) - I grow to like it more and more. Even though it never quite gels.

Lethal Pursuit (1988) - A 70s regional exploitation ovie made 15 years late, with "teenage" "punks".

Voodoo Dawn (1991) - Tony Todd runs a voodoo plantation.

The Bone Yard (1991) - Zombie Phyllis Diller attacks.

The Pelican Brief (1993) - There are pelicans.

Fear (1946 - b/w)/The Pretender (1947 - b/w) - Routine poverty row prestige.

Beat Girl (1960) - Grimy yet supposedly glam British rock movie with Gillian Hills, Adam Faith, David Farrar and Christopher Lee grateful not to be in a horror.

Bikini Beach (1964) - God I can't stand the beach party movies. Like tits and arse for Disney kids.Despite Keenan  Wynn and a gorilla. The musical setpieces always feel padding to an already boring teen saga.However, I can see the charm when you have Little Stevie Wonder before the voice broke and Karloff together, almost in the same scene.
See also the car racing variant Fireball 500 (1966).

The Glory Stompers (1968) - Routine AIP biker film.
See also Chrome and Hot Leather (1970), though it adds Marvin Gaye and Green Berets.
Also Fanfare's Rebel Rousers (1967), which blends into one, with the Glory Stompers.
However, the cheaper, less expertly produced likes of William Grefe's The Wild Rebels (1966), The Tormentors (1971) and K. Gordon Murray's Savages from Hell (1968) and Angels from Hell (1968), The Hellcats (1968) and The Sidehackers (1969), Run Angel Run (1969), Hell's Angels '69 (1969) are just plain terrible.

Murder a  la Mod (1968) - DePalma was always this voyeuristic, huh.

The Tough and the Mighty (1969) - Sardininan melodrama from DeLaurentiis, with Terence Hill in his serious phase.

Miss Leslie's Dolls (1973) - Bizarre exploitation film which got its biggest release in Britain, thanks to Poverty Row leftovers Grand National. About a transvestite possessed by a woman desperate to get a new body. Utterly indescribable.

A Name for Evil (1973) - Ropey TVM-ish Canadian-ish horror with Robert Culp and Samantha Eggar in a huanted house.

Paperback Hero (1973)/The Hard Part Begins (1973) - Canadian attempts at countryploitation.

Girls for Rent (1974) - Another Al Adamson movie, the same old desert runaround but with Georgina Spelvin.

Hot Summer in Barefoot County (1974) - Generic moonshining tosh.

Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) - Subpar sleaze - Gloria Grahame does Bloody Mama business.

Truck Stop Women (1974) - Mark L. Lester at least makes this rural sexploiter look like a real film. Photoplay alert.

Thunder County (1974) - Mickey Rooney and a rather quality villain in Ted Cassidy enliven this sub-Cell Block H women in prison movie, which literally features death by piranha and a helicopter gunship at the end.

Gina (1975) - Better-made-than-you'd-expect for a Montreal crime cheapie, but it's by Denys Arcand the bloke behind Jesus of Montreal and the Barbarian Invasions, so not your usual exploitation hack.

Tommy (1975) - Possibly Ken Russell's best, if only for Oliver Reed as Ted Bovis. It's so gorgeously shot, though. Of course, Uncle Ernie drinks Newcastle Brown. It uses TV too in  a really weird way, seguing into ads for beans and characters watching the telly and cuts to horse racing.

The Pom Pom Girls (1976) - One of the better cheerleader movies. A true time capsule.

Nashville Girl (1976) - An underage country singer (played by nearly-30 Monica Gayle) gets raped, goes to Nashvile, gets raped, and then breaks free. Tonally all over the place. Is it a light comedy, a coming-of-age drama or a dirty expose on paedophilia in country music...

Deadly Harvest (1977) - Canadian apocalyptica with Kim Cattrall and Clint Walker surviving the drear.

Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers (1977) - Starring Robin Askwith, Nigel Davenport, George Layton, John LeMesurier, Robin Nedwell, Edward Woodward, with guest stars Irene Handl and Lynda Bellingham plus a browned up Miriam Margolyes and Pamela Stephenson. An expensive-looking but kind of forgettable sequel. Warren Mitchell does an Indian accent as a Welsh character.

Aliens from Spaceship Earth (1977) - Ludicrous documentary hosted by Donovan.

A Hero Ain't Nothin But A Sandwich  (1978) - A well-made Afterschool Special.

The Tattoo Connection (1978) - Forgettable Jim Kelly vehicle, marketed as Black Belt Jones II. Heavy with Hong Kong TV news bulletins.

The Bloodstained Shadow (1978) - Routine giallo.

Lady Iron Monkey (1979) - A Cockney dwarf harrasses an ape-girl in this Lo Lieh kung fu-er.

Pinball Summer (1980) - Canadian kids pretend to be Californian, play pinball, have it on and watch Krakatoa - East of Java.
The Edmonton-based Powder heads (1980) on the other hand is firmly Canadian.With the air of an SCTV sketch without the jokes, and Catherine Mary Stewart instead of O'Hara.

Defiance (1980) - Sleazy vigilante movie, but John Flynn brings class, and Danny Aiello and Art Carney add class. Who knew there was such a thing as Carnation Ice Cream? Poor Theresa Saldanha, who herself became the victim of similar violence shortly afterward, though lived to tell the tale in her own TV movie biopic.

Ruckus (1981) - Dirk Benedict does Rambo before First Blood, via Walking Tall in this Willie Nelson-soundtracked southern fried vengeance movie while Richard Farnsworth and Ben Johnson fumes, and Linda Blair looks doe-eyed. Feels kind of outdated for 1981. Serviceable. Never have I seen so much Royal Crown cola.

Eyes of a Stranger (1981) - Sleazy, miserable slasher with "dumb" Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Running on Empty (1982) - Routine Aussie car-chaser with the seemingly ubiquitous Max Cullen (also in Midnite Spares).

Starstruck (1982) - Pugwall-ish  feelgood Aussie teen musical, featuring Lucky "Bluey" Grills and a pre-Neighbours Mark Little.

OC and Stiggs (1983/1987) - WTF? Robert Altman makes a teen sex comedy, and then rips the piss out of teen sex comedies.

Killing Cars (1986) - Rubbishy B-thriller about killer automobiles with Senta Berger and Jurgen Prochnow.

Frenchman's Farm (1987) -Forgettable, unwatchably-lit time-travel horror with Ray Barrett.

Ultra Warrior (1990) - Ludicrous Peruvian Corman sword and planet post-apocalyptic schlock with a villain dressed like Mandrake the Magician.

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1991) - Typical Brett Piper production - ace animation, boring live action stuff.

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