Tuesday 19 May 2020


Seven Days Leave (1930 - b/w) - Gary Cooper is a Scotsman who dances with aul wans.

Three Faces East (1930 - b/w) - Routine RKO drama with Constance Bennett and Von Stroheim.

This Modern Age (1931 - b/w) -Joan Crawford romances Commissioner Gordon.

Red Headed Woman (1932 - b/w) - Routine Jean Harlow vehicle. See also the wartime Cary Grant/Franchot Tone battle Suzy (1936 - b/w).

So Big (1932 - b/w) - Rural drear. Barbara Stanwyck at the end looks like Tracey Ullman. Bette Davis bitches.

Speak Easily (1932 - b/w) - Lesser Keaton, average Durante.

Riptide (1934 - b/w) - Routine Norma Shearer drama. See also Strange Interlude (1932 - b/w), Smilin' Through (1932 - b/w) and Strangers May Kiss (1931 - b/w).

6 Day Bike Rider (1934 - b/w) - Routine Joe E. Brown tosh.

The King's Vacation (1933 - b/w) - Twee romance with George Arliss.

The Key (1934 - b/w) - Oirish Civil War nonsense with William Powell, Edna Best, Colin Clive and papers called the Weekly Irish Times and the Morning Standard and McLaughlin's Bakery of Parnell Street. About a fictional Irish patriot named PeadarConlin.

Stand Up and Cheer (1934 - b/w) - Average musical that helped launch Shirley Temple. The problem is Stepin Fetchit at his worst.

Sadie McKee (1934 - b/w) - Routine Joan Crawford dirge.

The Secret Bride (1934 - b/w) - Routine Stanwyck.

Housewife (1934 - b/w) - I found George Brent smarmy as hell. More Bette Davis rota. See also The Rich are Always with Us (1932 - b/w)

Symphony of Six Million (1934 - b/w) - Tiresome Jewish saga with Irene Dunne and Ricardo Cortez.

Spitfire (1934 - b/w) - Katharine Hepburn is some kind of mountain lesbian.

A Wicked Woman (1934 - b/w) - Routine bad girl drama with Robert Taylor and Mady Christians.

I Live My Life (1935 - b/w) - Routine Joan Crawford.

In Person (1935 - b/w) - Routine Ginger Rogers.

Wife vs Secretary (1936 - b/w) - Routine Harlow, but also Loy, Stewart and Gable.

Seven Sinners (1936 - b/w) - Routine quota quickie mystery with Edmund Lowe and Constance Cummings.

Small Town Girl (1936 - b/w) - Routine Janet Gaynor weepie.
See also the lighter Three Loves for Nancy (1939 - b/w).

Romeo and Juliet (1936 - b/w) - Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard, Basil Rathbone - a mix of middle-aged cast and unconvincing settings hamper this adap.

Rhodes of Africa (1937 - b/w) - Colonial bull.

That Certain Woman (1937 - b/w) - Routine Bette Davis vehicle.

Tovarich (1937 - b/w) - Routine Russian drawing room comedy with Claudette Colbert,Charles Boyer and Basil Rathbone.

Second Honeymoon (1937 - b/w) - Fox filler.

The Sisters (1938 - b/w) - Routine Bette Davis romance, here with Errol Flynn who is first billed.

Swing Your Lady (1938 - b/w) - Idiotic Hillbilly comedy with Reagan and Bogart. Yes, really.

Merrily, We Live (1938 - b/w) - No, we don't.

Jezebel (1938 - b/w) - Somehow had never seen this typical Southern melo with Bette Davis.

Remember (1939 - b/w) - Robert Taylor and Greer Garson gossip.

Quiet Wedding (1941 - b/w) - Routine British comedy with Derek Farr and Margaret Lockwood.

Repeat Performance (1947 - b/w) - Ambitious but turgid backstage noir from Eagle-Lion.

So Well Remembered (1947 - b/w) - Routine Northern saga with John Mills, Trevor Howard and an incongruous Martha Scott and Richard Carlson.

Angel on the Amazon (1948 - b/w) - Dreary drama, not much of an adventure. The titular Vera Hruba Ralston barely appears, or maybe it just feels like it.  George Brent appears with the almost-identical Brian Aherne, to the point I genuinely thought there was split-screen involved. It's Republic grot.

The Reluctant Widow (1950 - b/w) - Sub-Gainsborough vehicle for Jean Kent and Guy Rolfe.

Too Young to Kiss (1951 - b/w) - June Allyson and Van Johnson do the Major and the Minor, yawn.

The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954 - b/w) -  And I won't have Dirk Bogarde.

Andy Hardy Comes Home (1958 - b/w) - Dreary nostalgic lookback with a middle-aged Mickey Rooney.

2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)  - It's slow, languid and yes, it's nice, but not even Leonard Rossiter and Kenneth Kendall help.

The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974) - It takes a while, but the epic climax/feast is surprising and astonishing.

The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1978) - Routine politics saga.

Damned in Venice (1978) By Italian standards, well-made if not particularly exciting Rosemary's Baby knockoff starring teen idol Renato Cestie, with a nice Pino Donaggio score that elevates proceedings.

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