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Dixiana (1930 - b/w) - Racists have fun in this period drama. The Criminal Code (1931 - b/w) - Rote crime saga with Boris Karloff and Walter Huston.

The Guilty Generation (1931 - b/w) - Rote crime drama.
Ditto the Barbara Stanwyck vehicle Ten Cents A Dance (1931  - b/w).

The Secret Witness (1931 - b/w) - Rote mystery.

Arizona (1931 - b/w) - Rote college drama with John Wayne.

The Pagan Lady (1931 - b/w) - Rote exotica.

The Lady Refuses (1931 - b/w) - Early RKO faux-British drama set in a world with American-accented bobbies. See also The Royal Bed (1931 - b/w

Their Mad Moment (1931 - b/w) - I find early pre-20th Century      Fox films unimaginative. Though the Spider (1931 - b/w) looks gorgeous, but it's about stage magic, so it should.

The Good Bad Girl (1931 - b/w)/Parole Girl (1933 - b/w) - Mae Clarke makes the same film twice.

The Maker of Men (1931 - b/w) - Forgettable Columbia American football yarn.

The Big Timer (1932 - b/w) - Future British-based Americans Ben Lyon and Constance Cummings in a forgettable boxing flick. Utterly generic.

Three Wise Girls (1932 - b/w) - Rote Jean Harlow vehicle.

Vanity Fair (1932 - b/w) - Threadbare poverty row adap with Myrna Loy and Anthony Bushell.

Shopworn (1932 - b/w) - Rote early Barbara Stanwyck drama.
See also Ladies of Leisure (1930 - b/w).

Forbidden  (1932 - b/w) - More of the same as above, but with Frank Capra at the helm.

Love Affair (1932- b/w) - Forgettable aviation romance with Humphrey Bogart.

Vanity Street (1932 - b/w) - Rote backstreet drama with Charles Bickford and Helen Chandler.

Virtue (1932 - b/w) - Rote melodrama with Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien.

Attorney for the Defense (1932 - b/w) - Clarence Muse has to do black drama school acting in this tedious courtroom drama.

No More Orchids (1932 - b/w)- Forgettable drama with Carole Lombard. See also Brief Moment (1933 - b/w).

The Night Club Lady (1932 - bw) - Rote thriller with Adolphe Menjou.

The Final Edition (1932 - b/w) - Journalistic fluff with Pat O'Brien.

The Menace (1932 - b/w) - Tatty old dark houser with Bette Davis.

The Devil is Driving  (1932 - b/w) - Rote drama with Edmund Lowe.

Keeper of the Bees (1933 - b/w) - Threadbare Monogram rural drama with Neil Hamilton.

Air Hostess (1933 - b/w) - Rote B-aviation drama. Forgettable even when you watch it.

My Woman (1933 - b/w) - Rote drama with Helen Twelvetrees.

The Woman I Stole (1933 - b/w) - Arab nonsense with Hay Wray.

What Price, Innocence (1933 - b/w) - Rote orphan drama with Jean Parker.

East of Fifth Avenue (1933 - b/w) - Rote drama set at a racecourse.

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933 - b/w) -

Ann Carver's Profession (1933 - b/w) - Rote legal thing with Fay Wray.

Cocktail Hour (1933 - b/w) - Rote shipbound romance with Bebe Daniels and Randolph Scott.
See also Whom the Gods Destroy (1934 - b/w).

Social Register (1934 - b/w) - Rote melodrama with Colleen Moore. Uses the Tchaikovsky piece better known to all as the Paul Hogan Show theme.

The Lady is Willing (1934 - b/w)  -British period roter with Leslie Howard.

The Most Precious Thing in Life (1934 - b/w) - Rote melodrama with Jean Arthur.

Whirlpool (1934 - b/w) - Rote romcom with Jean Arthur and Jack Holt.
See also I'll Fix It (1934 - b/w) and Come Closer, Folks (1937 - b/w) and the crime drama The Best Man Wins (1935 - b/w).

Blind Date (1934 - b/w) - Rote romcom with Ann Sothern and Commissioner Gordon. 
See also Don't Gamble on Love (1936 - b/w).

No Greater Glory (1934 - b/w) - Faux Hungarian kiddy flick about boy soldiers with a tragic end.

Pride of the Marines (1934 - b/w) - Juvenile naval nonsense with Charles Bickford.

Broadway Bill (1934 - b/w) - Rote racehorse comedy with Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy.

The Lone Wolf Returns (1935 - b/w) - Generic series tosh with Melvyn Douglas.

She Married Her Boss (1935 - b/w) - Rote Claudette Colbert vehicle.

Too Tough to Kill (1935 - b/w) - Forgettable mining crimer with Victor Jory.

She Couldn't Take It (1935 - b/w) - Rote 30s comedy with George Raft.

You May Be Next (1935 - b/w) - Rote mystery with Ann Sothern.

Party Wire (1935 - b/w) - Rote Jean Arthur vehicle.

Grand Exit (1935 - b/w) - Rote Edmund Lowe vehicle.

A Feather in her Hat (1935 - b/w) - Faux-British melo with Basil Rathbone.

After the Dance (1936 - b/w) - Rote romance with Nancy Carroll. See also Child of Manhattan (1933 - b/w) and Jealousy (1934 - b/w) and Springtime for Henry (1934 - b/w) with Nigel Bruce.

Pennies from Heaven (1936 - b/w) - Typical Bing vehicle.

Craig's Wife (1936 - b/w) - Rote Rosalind Russell drama.

Lady of Secrets (1936 - b/w) - Rote melodrama with Ruth Chatterton.

Legion of Terror (1936 - b/w) - Rote Klansploitation with Bruce Cabot.

Alibi for Murder (1936 - b/w) - Forgettable crime story with William Gargan.

Shakedown (1936 - b/w) - Rote, unimaginative crime story with Lew Ayres.

The Man Who Lived Twice (1936 - b/w) - Rote crime vehicle with Ralph Bellamy. See also The Crime of Helen Stanley (1934 - b/w) and Before Midnight (1933 - b/w).

Counterfeit (1936 - b/w) - Rote crime fare with Chester Morris. See also Blind Alley (1939 - b/w) and I Promise to Pay (1937 - b/w). 

More Than A Secretary (1936 - b/w) - Rote romcom with Jean Arthur.

Theodora Goes Wild (1936 - b/w) - Rote romcom with Irene Dunne.

Devil's Squadron (1936 - b/w)/Devil's Playground (1937 - b/w) - One at sea, one at air, but the same film with Richard Dix.

It's All Yours (1937 - b/w) - Forgettable vehicle for Madeleine Carroll and Francis Lederer.

The Shadow (1937 - b/w) - Not an adap of the pulp character but a rote mystery with Rita Hayworth. See  also Homicide Bureau (1937 - b/w) and Girls Can Play (1937 - b/w).

Life Begins with Love (1937 - b/w) - Rote romcom.

Juvenile Court (1937 - b/w) - Rita Hayworth in execrable sub-Dead End Kids lark.

The League of Frightened Men (1937 - b/w) - Rote Nero Wolfe mystery.

Murder in Greenwich Village (1937 - b/w) - Rote action-comedy with Fay Wray.

Venus Makes Trouble (1937 - b/w) - Rote comedy with James Dunn.

Women of Glamour (1937 - b/w) - Rote mystery comedy with Melvyn Douglas.

Let's Get Married (1937 - b/w) - Rote comedy with Ida Lupino.

Who Killed Gail Preston? (1937 - b/w) - Forgettable British crime story with Rita Hayworth.

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1938 - b/w) - Rote kiddy flick from the 30s. With Edgar Kennedy.

I am The Law (1938 - b/w) - Rote Edward G. Robinson vehicle.

Let Us Live (1939 - b/w) - Henry Fonda juvenile nonsense.

The Witness Vanishes (1939 - b/w) - Forgettable British-set Universal dark houser.

Coast Guard (1939 - b/w) - Randolph Scott drama, suddenly goes Arctic.

Golden Boy (1939 - b/w) - Rote boxing yarn with Barbara Stanwyck and William Holden.

I Live on Danger (1942 - b/w) - Forgettable, threadbare Pine-Thomas/Paramount actioner with Chester Morris. See also Law of the Underworld (1938 -b/w)

Jack London (1943 - b/w) - Flaccid yellowface-heavy biopic.

Gasoline Alley (1951 - b/w)/Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951 - b/w) - Interchangeable installments in a failed series based on the comic strip.

Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953 - b/w) - Italian drama with Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift doing it for De Sica.

The Bonnie Parker Story (1957 - b/w) - Rote 50s gangster trash, though efficiently directed by William Witney. A precursor to Corman's 70s gangster movies.

Hand in Hand (1960 - b/w) - Sweet kiddy friendship drama.

The Greengage Summer (1962) - Bland melodrama/travelogue with Kenneth More, Susannah York and Jane Asher.

The Wing or the Thigh (1976) - Beautiful Wonka-esque production design, and I really warm to Louis De Fun├ęs as a performer. He has magnetism. He can be infuriating, in his mania. But that was his gift. French comedy in the 70s had energy.

Foxbat (1978)- Intriguing, ambitious, watchable low-budget Bond knockoff made in Hong Kong by Northampton lad  and ex-BBC Panorama editor Po Chih Leong, who later directed Ping Pong (David Yip's attempt at big screen stardom rather than playing the hero's dead sidekick) and the Wisdom of Crocodiles. With an ambitious international scale and an interesting, double-agent role for the lovely Vonetta McGee, some interesting stunt work and a fine Roy Budd score (shades of his theme for the Sandbaggers), it's not bad.

Beyond the Seventh Door (1987) - Strange shot-on-video Canadian proto-Cube starring Serbain Lazar Rockwood, a Tommy Wiseau-alike who resembles the leather jacketed lovechild of Mick Lally and Talfryn Thomas.

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