Sunday 29 March 2020


Earthworm Tractors (1936 - b/w) - Joe E. Brown. Duh.

The Last Outpost (1936 - b/w) - Cary Grant colonial plodder.

The Gay Deception (1935 -b/w) - Misleadingly titled romance with Francis Lederer.

Stage Door (1937 - b/w) - Enthusiastic and charming "a bunch of girls" drama with Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball and Katharine Hepburn.

Brother Rat (1938 - b/w) and Brother Rat and a Baby (1940 - b/w) - Military school comedies with Reagan.

Tear Gas Squad (1940 - b/w) - Musical cop b-movie with John Payne.
See also other Warner cheapies like Truck Busters (1943 - b/w), Secret Enemies (1942 - b/w), Gambling on the High Seas (1940 - b/w), Bullet Scars (1942 - b/w), The Last Ride (1944 -b/w - which features a Captain Butler - not Craig Charles, thankfully). Bullets for O'Hara (1940 - b/w), A Fugitive from Justice (1940 - b/w).

Father is a Prince (1940 - b/w) - Forgettable Warner family sitcom-B. See also Calling All Husbands (1940 - b/w) and She Couldn't Say No (1940 - b/w), Granny Get Your Gun (1940 - b/w), Always a Bride (1940 - b/w, with George Reeves), the Great Mr. Nobody (1941 - b/w, with Eddie Albert), Thieves Fall Out (1941 - b/w) and An Angel from Texas (1940 - b/w), Honeymoon For Three  (1941 - b/w), Kisses for Breakfast (1941 - b/w) and Wallflower (1948 - b/w), Always Together (1948 - b/w) and Janie (1944 - b/w)/Janie Gets Married (1946 - b/w), The House Across the Street (1949 - b/w), Princess O'Rourke (1943 - b/w) and the Male Animal (1942 - b/w) with Olivia De Havilland, 3 Cheers for the Irish (1947 - b/w - Thomas Mitchell being the resident Irish cop), Affectionately Yours (1941 - b/w), Make Your own Bed (1944 - with Jack Carson), Million Dollar Baby (1941 - b/w), That Way with Women (1947 - b/w, despite the good presence of Sydney Greenstreet), June Bride (1948 - b/w), A Kiss in the Dark (1949 - b/w), The Girl from Jones Beach (1949 - b/w)/Voice of the Turtle (1947) with Ronald Reagan, Flight Angels (1940 - b/w), One More Tomorrow (1946 - b/w), Lady Takes A Sailor (1949 - b/w), You're in the Army Now (1941 - b/w) with Jimmy Durante, Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946 - b/w), Doughgirls (1944 -b/w), Pillow to Post (1945 - b/w) with Ida Lupino and Sydney Greenstreet and William Prince in  a rare leading role, Never Say Goodbye (1946 - b/w - schmaltzy family comedy with Errol Flynn) and Strawberry Blonde (1941 - b/w) with James Cagney. Lots of Warner comedies.

It All Came True (1940 - b/w) - Musical biopic with Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart and Una O'Connor.

Brother Orchid (1940 - b/w) - Edward G. Robinson gangster com-drama. Thought I'd seen this.

George Washington Slept Here (1941 - b/w)/The Horn Blows at Midnight (1942 - b/w) - Jack Benny baffles me.

Singapore Woman (1941 - b/w) - Ropey exotic romance B-movie.

Free and Easy (1941 - b/w) - Bland B-comedy from MGM with Robert Cummings, Ruth Hussey and Nigel Bruce.

Murder on the Waterfront (1943 - b/w) - Dance hall mystery B with John Loder. Forgettable.

Roughly Speaking (1945 - b/w) - Dreary Rosalind Russell drama.  See also the aptly named No Time for Comedy (1940 - b/w).

The Hucksters (1947 - b/w) - Rote romcom with Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner, Clark Gable and Sydney Greenstreet.

Always Leave them Laughing (1949 - b/w) - Milton Berle is one of those US comedy giants I find baffling.

He's A Cockeyed Wonder (1950 - b/w) - Mickey Rooney nonsense.

Emergency Wedding (1950 - b/w) - Forgettable Larry Parks vehicle.

The West Point Story (1950 - b/w) - Bland musical with Doris Day and James Cagney.

Fast Company (1950 - b/w) - Horse racing blarney with Howard Keel and Polly Bergen.

Please Believe Me (1950 - b/w) - Culture-clash romcom with Deborah Kerr and Robert Walker.  See also The Skipper Surprised His Wife (1950 - b/w).

The Big Hangover (1950) - Forgettable romcom with Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor.  See also Three Guys Named Mike (1951 - b/w).

The Yellow Cab Man (1950 - b/w) - Red Skelton, again. Argh.

Pretty Baby (1950 - b/w) - Silly fake-baby nonsense.

Key to the City (1950 - b/w) - Loretta Young and her rapist Clark Gable in dreary comedy.

The Reformer and the Redhead (1950 - b/w) - Ropey romcom with Dick Powell and June Allyson.

Flame of Stamboul (1951 - b/w) - Ropey Columbia B-picture. See also Hell's Horizon (1955 - b/w) with the odd duo of John Ireland and Chet Baker.

Angels in the Outfield (1951 - b/w) - Ropey Disney-esque (Disney remade it in 1994) comedy, baffling to anyone not into baseball.

Home Town Story (1951 - b/w) - Bland B-comedy, with Marilyn Monroe.

Harem Girl (1951 - b/w) - Silly Joan Davis comedy.

Goodbye My Fancy (1951 - b/w) - Moan Crawford.

Red Snow (1952 - b/w) - Columbia B about Communists vs Inuit.

Pat and Mike (1952) - Decently acted Tracy/Hepburn vehicle, but quite pedestrian.

Room for One More (1952) - Family comedy with Cary Grant.

Love is Better than Ever (1952 - b/w) - Treacly romcom with Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Parks.

A Young Man with Ideas (1952 - b/w) - Glenn Ford vehicle with an ironic title.

The Four Poster (1952 - b/w) - A reocrded stage lay with Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison padded out with UPA animation.
See also The Happy Time (1952 - b/w), Phffft (1954 - b/w)/Full of Life (1956 - b/w)/The Marrying Kind (1952 - b/w) with Judy Holliday, the gritty My Six Convicts (1952 - yes, that's the title), Kill the Umpire (1950 - b/w).

Fearless Fagan (1952 - b/w) - Disneyesque lion story.

Strictly Dishonorable (1952 - b/w) - Janet Leigh and ageing Leonard Cohen-lookalike Italian tenor Ezio Pinza in rote romcom.

You for Me (1952 - b/w) - Silly Peter Lawford vehicle. See also Just This Once (1952 - b/w).

The Clown (1953 - b/w) - Dreary Red Skelton showbiz version of The Champ (1931 - b/w).

Confidentially Connie (1953 - b/w) - Cowboy comedy with Janet Leigh.

Dream Wife (1953 - b/w) - Silly faux-Arab nonsense with Cary and Deborah.

Trouble Along the Way (1953 - b/w) - John Wayne romances Donna Reed in dreary Catholic college nonsense.

The Actress (1953 - b/w) - Sentimental. The Ruth Gordon Story starring Jean Simmons.

Our Miss Brooks (1956 - b/w) - Eve Arden, Gale Gordon and "Dick" Crenna in adaptation of the 50s radio/TV sitcom. Seeing Crenna as a thirty-year-old teenage nerd with a squeaky voice and bow tie is disturbing, knowing the older, craggy Crenna.

The Catered Affair (1956 - b/w) - Debbie Reynolds, Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine and Barry Fitzgerald in a TV play adaptation.

Top Secret Affair (1957 - b/w) - Susan Hayward and Kirk Douglas romance.

The Girl He Left Behind (1956 - b/w) - Natalie Wood and Tab Hunter in lazy teen military comedy.

This Could Be The Night (1957 - b/w) - Bland Jean Simmons comedy.

Too Much Too Soon (1958 - b/w) - Dorothy Malone is too old as Diana Barrymore. Errol Flynn looks pissed, as John Barrymore.

The Tunnel of Love (1958 - b/w) - Hohum screwballer with Doris Day and Richard Widmark.

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968) - Begins with Jerry Lewis outside the Eros cartoon cinema in Piccadilly. This is weird. It's set in England. The co-leads are Jacqueline Pearce and as the US trailer has it, "Ber-naaaard Cribbins". Terry-Thomas has a guest appearance, and the baddie is Nicholas Parsons. Oh, and Pat Routledge makes her film debut, after years of TV and stage work behind her. She's very much in the Kathleen Freeman role, but the slapstick is given to Cribbins, because this is Lewis in his self-centred macho playboy mode. And Lewis is so smug and unlikeable. And god, this film took me several attempts.

Fast Walking (1982) - Well-produced prison film by Kubrick associate James Harris, with a decent cast of character actors - Tim McIntire, Timothy Carey, Susan Tyrrell...

Sword of the Valiant - The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1984) - Glossy but rubbish Cannon adaptation, with an insanely overqualified cast - Sean Connery, Trevor Howard, Peter Cushing, Lila Kedrova, Ronald Lacey and Wilfrid Brambell but the actual stars are Miles O'Keeffe, Leigh Lawson and Cyrielle Claire.

Rewatched the Sword and the Sorcerer, and realised that in a fine print, I realised its greatness. It is the ultimate cinematic realisation of the dog-eared fantasy paperback cover.

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