Wednesday 18 September 2019


Dirigible (1931 - B/w) - Nice modelwork in a soppy Fay Wray romance.

Skippy (1931 - b/w) - Ok.rued. Unexpectedly likeable. No wonder Jackie Cooper not Oscar-nominated.

A Man's Castle (1933) - Spencer Tracy/Borzage weepie.

The Captain Hates the Sea (1934 - B/w) - Alleged comedy
See also Hell-Ship Morgan (1934). Ok.rued.

Remember Last Night (1935 - b/w) - Another forgettable James Whale mystery-comedy, aside from the blackface number.

The Circus Queen Murder (1935 - B/W) - A variety show in mystery drag, with Dwight Frye.

San Francisco (1936 - B/w) - Typical period disaster melodrama-romance.

Roaming Lady (1937 - B/W) - Another forgettable aerial adventure with Fay Wray.

Exposed (1938 - b/w) -  Primitive, ragged Universal quickie with journo Glenda Farrell.

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew (1939) - Proto-sitcom kidvid.

The Earl of Chicago (-1940 - B/W) - Forgettable Robert Montgomery comedy.

A Dangerous Game (1941 - b/w) - Another forgettable duo comedy with Andy Devine mugging.

Reunion in France (1942 - B/W) - Another sentimental wartime puff with John Wayne trying to do serious acting.

The More the Merrier (1943 - b/w) - I think you need to watch screwball comedies with an audience.

They Came to A City (1944 - B/w) - Ealing agitprop utopia. Films about utopias are boring.

Murder My Sweet (1944 - b/w) - Do I have to critique a noir?

Seven Keys to Baldpate (1947 - b/w) - Not my thing, but better mounted than the average dark-houser.

The Pirate (1948)
See also The Buccaneer (1958).

Walk A Crooked Mile (1948 - b/w) - Another Columbia noir that I caught cos it was free.

The Magic Face (1951 - b/w) - Primitive continental fantasy about Hitler, with Luther Adler.

Storm Over Tibet (1952 - b/w) - Have I seen this unremarkable Himalayan Columbia potboiler before?

Scandal Sheet (1952 - B/w) - Columbia newspaper drama with Brod Crawford.

Assignment Paris (1952 - b/w) - Dull faux-French noir on the Columbia lot with Dana Andrews.

Paris Model (1953 - b/w) - Dull Paris fashion-com on the Columbia lot with Paulette Goddard.

Innocents in Paris (1953 - b/w) - Starring Alastair Sim, Ronald Shiner, Margaret Rutherford, Claire Bloom, Claude Dauphin, Lawrence Harvey and Jimmy Edwards, plus Colin Gordon, Frank Muir, Peter Jones, Stringer Davis, Richard Wattis and way down the credits, one Louis De Funes. Not much cop.

The Maggie (1954 - b/w) - Scottish whimsy, cloying Para Handy fan-film. Double-ok.rued.

Valley of the Kings (1954) - Triple-ok.rued this average Robert Taylor Egyptology saga.
Not to be confused with the Ancient epic chintz of Land of the Pharaohs (1954).

Where There's A Will (1955 - B/W) - Alleged rural comedy with Leslie Dwyer and George Cole.

The Secret of Magic Island (1955) - Barely an hour, padded out by animals doing human things. That's magic?

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter (1957) - The sort of fare soon to be consigned to TV sitcom.

The Diplomatic Corpse (1958 - b/w) - Another rote British crime story, about foreign crime. But weird to see a youngish Robin Bailey as the heroic lead.

The Lineup (1958 - B/w) - Average well-made noir, with Eli Wallach, a TV spinoff.

City of Fear (1959 - B/w) - Another forgettable noir for Vince Edwards.

Bottoms Up! (1960 - b/w) - Adaptation of Jimmy Edwards' sitcom Whack-o. Some nice bits. But Melvyn Hayes wears walnut juice. It's all typical Beano-ish antics. Martita Hunt is the special guest, but there's a young Richard Briers lurking somewhere.

Life is a Circus (1960 - b/w) - Delayed by a year or so, it is big budget enough and Val Guest tries to direct well, but the Crazy Gang are now old men (by 1960 standards, i.e. their late fifties/sixties), and it's  a bit sad. When Lionel Jeffries' bald looks were more sinister because he had enough youth left in his face. It becomes Alf's Button Afloat  again, but as a regional touring production.

A Matter of WHO (1961) - Generic Terry-Thomas vehicle.

Drylanders (1963 - B/w) - Early nfb drama, a bit How We Used to Live. See also Les Brules (1959 - B/w).

Penelope (1966) - Duff Natalie Wood comedy with Ian Bannen in a Hollywood lead.

The Terrornauts (1966) - Charles Hawtrey gives some good reaction, but this, clearly made alongside They Came from Beyond Space to reuse props and sets from the Dalek films is a slog, even if it is less than an hour in its most common version.

You're A Big Boy Now (1966) - Dreary Coppola nonsense with an annoying lead.

The Ernie Game (1967) - Another dreary NFB drama. Weird to hear Alexis Kanner c.The Prisoner with a real hoser accent.   Kanner's Mahoney's Last Stand (1972) is more of the same.

Waiting for Caroline (1969) - Another Canadian art-drama.

The Reckoning (1969) - Play for Today-ish kitchen sink Scouse Irish gangster saga with Nicol Williamson.

Some Will, Some Won't (1970) - WIlfrid Brambell an oddly unconvincing old man, but I think it is the fright wig. A decent cast fail to enliven stiff direction in a duff remake of Laughter in Paradise.

$ (1971) - OK.rued this unmemorable heister.  So unmemorable it was called the Heist elsewhere.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) - Arty bollocks.

OK... Laliberté (1973) - Arty semi-erotic NFB comdram.

Le Silencieux (1973) - Rather dreary, unfocused po-faced French espionage with Lino Ventura, Leo Genn and Robert Hardy.

ixe-13 (1973) - Arty but beautiful pop-art spy-fi musical from the NFB.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) - Did Scorsese deliberately style the opening to mimic Mario Bava? Otherwise not quite my thing, but it did spawn a US sitcom.

Prisoner of Second Avenue (1976) - Neil Simon tedium.

Voyage of the Damned (1976)-  Unexpectedly beautiful and poignant, every face a star. Victor Spinetti (who I best remember dragging up in CITV's Harry and the Wrinklies) unexpectedly good. And then when you don't think it gets any better, Bernard Hepton turns up in shades.

The Gumball Rally (1976) - Quite fun but episodic.

Ti-Mine, Bernie pis la gang... (1977) - Another Quebecois drama that didn't do much.

Galyon (1978) - Late-period Ivan Tors "adventure", shot in South America, starring Lancashire-born conservationist Stan Brock as a conserrvationist-adventurer hired by Lloyd Nolan to rescue Ina Balin. Amateurish, badly constructed, and Brock is basically another Cliff Twemlow, but with the face of a muscled-up Johnny Briggs.

Barbarosa (1982) - A great-looking, cinematic, quite Australian western (directed by Fred Schepisi), starring Willie Nelson and a mugging, Boris-like Gary Busey.  By ITC.

Subway (1984) - Besson arty fluff, seemingly no plot.

In A Shallow Grave (1988) - American Playhouse homoerotica.

Palais Royale (1988) - CBC-sponsored Dennis Potter fan film.

TRUST (1990) -Hal Hartley indie drear. Produced by Central TV.

Thousand Pieces of Gold (1991) - Another American Playhouse. televisual, but interesting to see a serious Chinese-American western.

Reckless (1995) - grating Christmassy American Playhouse magic realism with that Farrow woman.
Palookaville (1995) - A blandly quirky, televisual PBS-coproduced heister.

Ok.rued-doubled these.

House of the Seven Hawks (1959) - Dull maritime mystery.

Purple Noon (1960) - Typical Euro homoerotica.

Liberation of L.B. Jones (1970) -  I didn't realise America had Massey Fergusons. Savage, uncompromising final feature of William Wyler. Roscoe Lee Browne seems too strong a man to be brutalised.

The Last Detail (1973) - Another dreary Nicholson "joint".

Norman, Is that You (1976) - Preachy, but quite revolutionary comedy. It's not especially funny, but the idea - Redd Foxx tries to adjust to his son being in a mixed-race gay relationship, that idea but from the black perspective is especially interesting.

Fun With Dick and Jane (1976) - Very bland and TV movie-ish.

The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981) - Sub-Hal Needham hicksploitation.


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  6. Son of India, Devil is A Sissy, My Lover My Son, dire wartimer Assignment in Brittany, Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, Black Samson, Colossus of Rhodes, Wind Across the Everglades, Action of the Tiger, Kill or Cure (Terry-Thomas comedy), Peter Wimsey - Busman's Honeymoon and Miniver Story (which feel like they were made in the US, but were British, the Miniver Story having to deliberately recreate unconvincing looking British settings in Britain to mimic the original), the confusing-to-non-Americans Damn Yankees, Reunion in Vienna (another MGM weepie), Ode to Billy Joe, The Damned 1969, The Safecracker 1958, Green Fire 1956, America America 1963, The Rain People, The Learning Tree, annoying 60s fare like Catch Us if you Can and The Family Way, Bye Bye Braverman (dreary NYC stuff), Girl on a Motorcycle, Young Girls of Rochefort, Kona Coast, My Blood Runs Cold, Darby's Rangers, An American Dream, Greased Lightning, The Mack, 1931's Sidewalks of New York, Whistling in Dixie, Big Jim McLain, Summer of 42, Story of 3 Loves, Next Stop Greenwich Village, A Lady Without Passport (1950), 30s programmers like Pier 13, Stamboul Quest, Storm at Daybreak, Arsene Lupin, The Good Old Soak, Diamond Queen 1953 (faux-Indian Warner colour nonsense), the dreary Guns of Darkness 1962, A Covenant with Death 1967,

    Svengali (1954) - Oddly Hammeresque, but pre-Hammer.


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