Tuesday 14 May 2019

Not quite features - 18

Sleepwalker (1982) - Joanna David, director Bill Douglas, Michael Medwin, Raymond Huntley and Fulton Mackay in this strange suburban dinner party with a bloody end. On DVD with the bemusing psychedelic meltdown of Rodney Geisler's The Insomniac (1971), where Morris Perry quits life for Valerie Van Ost, or does he. The latter has Darren Burn, the failed British attempt to clone Donny Osmond, who later took his own life and now has a peculiar one-man, possibly paedophiliac fanbase.

Watched a few Children's Film Foundation films.
Peril For The Guy (1956) - Frazer Hines and  co help their black friend be a living Guy Fawkes dummy. Not much to say.
Cup Fever (1965 - B/W) - Again, as it's football, not much to say, but weird to see young Susan George and Olivia Hussey in such average suburban surroundings.
Mr. Horatio Knibbles (1970) - Jesus christ...
Anoop and the Elephant (1972) - With a yellow remote controlled roadster and Damaris Hayman, basically Dr. Who and the Daemons. A Doctor Who influence also premeates the design of the Yeti in the rather shambolic but entertaining Zoo Robbery (1973).

Battle of Billy's Pond (1976) and One Hour To Zero (1977 - Dudley Sutton alert) - both ecological fables blend into one.
4D SpecialAgents (1981)  - Sub-Euston forgetfulness with Dexter Fletcher and Paul J. Medford.
Pop Pirates (1984) - Dreary mixed-race sub-Musical Youth shenanigans. WTF are Jon Finch and Roger Daltrey doing in this?

Urge To Kill (1960 - B/W) - A lot of these 50s UK crime films I find boring. This, despite some odd performances, Terence Knapp (who later moved to Hawaii, and became a leading local actor over there) wildly overdoing it as a manchild and Wilfrid Brambell as a slightly Cushingesque schoolteacher.

Clue of the Twisted Candle (1961 - B/W) - Typical Wallace plodder

Marriage of Convenience (1960 - B/W) - Harry H. Corbett pops up in this confused mess.

The October Moth (1960 - B/W) - An original story. Lee Patterson is incongruously Canadian, while his sister Lana Morris (better than she should be) is not, in this story of an intelligent manchild who kidnaps a woman from a car crash, in the belief she's his mother. Weird hearing the voice of Jeff Tracy, Peter Dyneley's distinctive tones lent to a Yorkshire accent.

The Malpas Mystery (1960 - B/W) - Sandra "Aunt Fanny" Dorne, Allan Cuthbertson and Geoffrey Keen in this bog-standard mystery, with the addition of a villain who models himself on Edith Scob in Eyes Without A Face.

House of Mystery (1961 -  B/W) - Confusing haunted house hour with a time/lapse conundrum. Nice twist. Ditto Man In The Back Seat (1961 - B/W).

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