Monday 23 July 2018

16 - Mexican roundup

Island of Lost Souls (1974) - Shameless Rene Cardona attempt to create another Papillon.

Xoxontla (1979) - Lots of men in sombreros. From Columbia associate Alberto Mariscal.

Kaliman (1972) - Egyptian shot oddity. Starring Canadian Jeff Cooper as a brownfaced Indian-like but actually Egyptian mystic superhero with no secret identity, based on a successful comic book, and apparently the most expensive Mexican production of its era. The brownface is superfluous, as the comic character is relatively pale. Unmemorable direction by Alberto Mariscal ensues the sequel is better.  A mummy appears to liven things up.

Kalimán en el siniestro Mundo de Humanon (1976)  Jeff Cooper again as a brownfaced mystic, a popular comic book character in Mexico.  Filmed in Brazil, Kalimán goes on holiday in Brazil in full outfit, while vaguely Salo-ish music plays. He has a fez-wearing boy sidekick.  There is a dragon hidden-camera in the jungle being used by a red-hooded KKK type with a dwarf consort. There is a head of a professor in a jar. It is imaginative but hopeless.

Chanoc (1967) - Lots of topless old men in this Mexican comic strip adaptation starring Cardona regular Andres Garcia. Colourful,  but amateurish, lots of the same diving footage. Has a woman riding a turtle.  And some random cavemen.

Chanoc, En la Garra de las Fieras  (1970) - Chanoc returns, with a new face. Same old shite.

Chanoc Vs El Tigre Y El Vampiro (1971) - With Mexican comic Tin-Tan as the old man sidekick, and a few music numbers and a dancing, literate chimp, livelier than the other films so far,  the vampire stuff seems to clash against the jolly jungle adventure stuff. It seems to portray Mexico as a place where wild animals roam around streets and houses, like how EastEnders thought Ireland was like. It overdoes on the slapstick. It's such a strange hybrid of comedy, jungle adventure and vampire film.

Chanoc En Las Tarantulas (1973) - Terrible.

Chanoc En El Circus Union (1977) - Barely a film.

El Latigo contra Satanas Mexico (1979) - A Zorro in all but name wanders about the modern day in a Zorro outfit on a horse and fights the Goat of Mendes. Incompetent but with some energy. By Santo vet Alberto Crevenna.

The Snake People (1971)  - Forgettable nonsense with Karloff in inserts.

La Noche de la bestia (1988) - Mexican middle-aged buddy com turns into a sci-fi slasher. Not good.

Keiko En pleigro (1990) - From Rene Cardona III, nonsense about a space whale. Rubbish.

Capulina vs Las Momias (1973) - Rubbishy peasant-vs-Aztec mummies comedy from the director of the Bees.

El Ano De La Peste (1979) - Bland viral thriller from Cardona collaborators Conacite Dos.

El increíble profesor Zovek (1972) - Cardona vehicle for an escapologist. Godawful.

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