Thursday 19 April 2018

Cartoon telly euro-visions - extended

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Watched the Mr. Rossi features - insane, and gleefully unique. Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness (1976) is the one with mad old people. With a dog-like anthropomorphised broom, yodelling, racist natives with bones in nose, spoofs of Snow White and Pinocchio, a singing tree trunk with duck backing singers coming out through, rocket houses, a Nautilius caravan called the Bickermobile that splits and is bulletproof.  A sun that looks like Ralph Wiggum. Non sequiturs cutting to ants.  Mr. Rossi's Vacation (1978) descends to funny animals in a panto version of AnimalFarm, then adds a fishing trip with the bait being a worm in snorkel, lots of "they always do that in the movies" fourth wall breaking, a  ghost ship/castle at sea.  Rossi and Gastone a proto-Wallace and Gromit.    Dreams of Mr. Rossi (1977), the least of the features is all magic carpets and Merlin-types. Inconsistencies - people think a talking dog is weird unlike the other films where it is a normal occurrence.

Agaton Sax - 70s cartoon, like a cartoon Edgar Wallace, animation style takes some getting used to, for those familiar with Quentin Blake.  Off-puttingly Scandinavian. CartoonLondon even looks like Stockholm.

Ishu Patel's NFB work, even the Punjabi Noggin of How Death Came To Earth (1971) feel like overlong title sequences for ethnic programming.

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