Tuesday 6 February 2018

Some more reviews - 3 -Persecution, Lucky Touch, Gargantuas

Persecution (1974) - Young Ralph Bates smothers Lana Turner's cat in milk.  Something about revenge. A bit Thriller-ish. Not very good. Unless you have a fetish for drowning cats in milk, and bestial necrophiliac psycho-traumas that cause a grown man's voice to change backwards. British cat-monster films tend to be awful. See also The Legacy (1978) and the semi-Amicus awfulness of Cat People (1982).

War of the Gargantuas (1968) has an on-film music show, with a song about "hidden microphone in my heart"  in between the two hairy men fighting. Aside from the stunning climactic shot of two creatures fighting as they fall into an exploding volcano, typical Japnese kaiju schlock.

That Lucky Touch (1975) - Military-themed romcom with Roger Moore and Susannah York that is tonally awkward, like an episode of the Persuaders. Not great. Needed to be more of an adventure.

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