Thursday 2 August 2018

Norwegian Comedy - a brief encounter - 1

Thanks to Jaffa Cakes for Proust, the podcast where Tilt Araiza told of his elusive childhood memory of an ITV airing of NUTS - a Norwegian comedy compilation for the Rose D'Or, I've been aware of Goodies-esque trio KLM - Kirkvaag-Lystad-Mjoen.
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Watching KLM's Brodrene Dal og Professor Drovel's Hemmelighet (1979) - very Goodiesish, what I find interesting is that it's seemingly by people who consider Benny Hill, Python and the Goodies all of the same ilk. Lots of Seltzer/Friedberg-type cameos by Dracula, a Fat Frankenstein's Monster, Snow White, Indian chiefs, pirates, a submarine interior that's clearly a back room. They find buried treasure, i.e. an egg-whisk. Jokes about a shipboard office.  They then happen upon a group of astronauts and a moon buggy.  It predates the chair on a mini bit from Mr. Bean. The fact our heroes prance about in tuxedos also mirrors the League of Gentlemen. There's a particularly Python-referencing bit where men in suits and fedoras have a pillow fight soundtracked by Liberty Bell. There seems to be a lot of unrelated sketches while our heroes paddle their way through a fjord. In the end, they find a giant egg which hatches to reveal  not a "yipsilus-ogle" or a "skrekk-dinobront" but the heroes' dead father.  It did raise a few laughs, unlike say the work of Loriot.

Brødrene Dal og Spektralsteinene (1982) - I've only seen bits of this, but with VT interiors, it feels much more Goodies, down to a bit with a genie.  With time travel, swashbuckling, knights, cowboys and mummies. Bits show the influence of Time Bandits, even down to a similar Robin Hood outfit and encounter.  There's Raiders-style Nazis, plenty of Blake's 7 level CSO, Doctor Who sound effects, and by the end, it is all very Come Back, Mrs. Noah. Not very funny, though. But two more series and a film followed years later. It did seem a lot cheaper than the previous serial, though.

Diplomatix (1985) - A KLM Montreux entry narrated by Peter Cook. Again, it's somewhere between the Goodies and Benny Hill. A lot of stock footage.

Noe Helt Annet (1985) -  The KLM Movie. Features a giant cake being delivered, then cut to a cinema watching this horror spoof by KLM.  There is an inventive scene where the lovers kiss  and rotate surrounded by different bits of stock footage and fake weather (possibly inspired by a similar scene in Harold Robbins' The Pirate), but apart from the opening and climax, it doesn't go for horror spoof. There is chaos in a restaurant.  There is a trial staged like a football match, a mental hospital, and a gothic horse and carriage involved in a climax. Twist is the vampire is too much of a crybaby to bite his victims, and then after a fourth wall break,  we cut to him lying in the snow. It's a sort of Norwegian Bloodbath at the House of Death, but in most places,  it seems to owe more to Stripes or Rising Damp - the Movie or even Shock Treatment.

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